Tyler Jackson, Director of Development & Production – Unified Pictures

“I rely on Script-Fix to give me unbiased and thoughtful insight into scripts we are considering. Their readers have valuable ideas and often provide the “tough but fair” assessment that is so essential to the development process. Screenwriters can benefit by hearing the way scripts are actually discussed/assessed by producers and producers will probably come to trust ScriptFix readers (I have a few favorite ones I consistently ask for) as another member on their development team. They are easy to work with and coverage is consistent in both turnaround times (very quick) and discernment. I trust them to provide an outsiders perspective on every script we are working on, without predilection.”

Triona Campbell, Producer – Campbell Ryan Film Productions

“Script-Fix is a fast reliable script service and an essential for those in the independent sector looking for fresh eyes and comments on potential and optioned material. Notes were concise and to the point and the service was fast and accurate – would definitely use again.”

Nick Dunning,  Actor (The Tudors, Hatfields & McCoys), Writer

“I was very impressed, and was very happy with what I got back. I thought the breakdown and notes was very accurate and detailed and very constructive. You provided very clear and kind notes yet still made the poignant criticism that was needed.”

Chris Coen, Producer: Funny Games, Shadow Dancer, A Single Shot, Deepwater.

“I have been using script-fix for several years now and am consistently impressed with their excellent coverage and helpful notes. Keep up the good work!”

TA, Screenwriter

“I’ve never had feedback quite as spot on and intelligent as that. I really love constructive feedback that buys into what the writer is trying to do, even if he’s failing at it! Keep up the great work.”

Michael Jones, Screenwriter

“As an independent writer-producer script-fix has been able to deliver consistent, stringent and constructive criticism from my first drafts and outlines thru to finished screenplay. Kudos to this great team!”

DN, Hollywood

“David, I can’t thank you enough for your comprehensive critique of my screenplay. The notes you provided were not only constructive but motivating. The rewrite is underway and I will be forwarding it to you for another look. I’m really glad I sent it to you as your analysis was very revealing.”

Sandra Hirsch,  WriterNew York

“Thank you for the coverage report. I found the notes very useful and am keen to show you the changes I’m going to make based on your ideas.”

Richard Steinberg, Screenwriter, Beverly Hills

“David, I didn’t expect you to find the missing piece of the puzzle, to be honest I didn’t know it was missing. Your notes have transformed the script for the better. I’m impressed to say the least.”

Daniel Malverner, Screenwriter, Chicago

“You were a great help!”

Dave Coombes, Screenwriter, Arizona

“I’ve been juggling the demands of simultaneously working on two scripts while maintaining a full-time, paying job.  For over a year now, Script-Fix has been instrumental in these efforts.  Without their ego-busting, cost-effective and efficient service, I would have long ago lost my passion for learning this difficult craft.  Thanks Script-Fix for your invaluable education and constructive critiques.”

Graham Nash, Screenwriter, Hollywood

“Wonderfully helpful notes.”

Mike Arthur, Screenwriter

“Writing 110 pages of Action and Dialogue is not that difficult to do, turning 110 pages into a viable piece of material is an entirely different story. The thing about working with Script-Fix that added the most value to my work is: The reader brought an unbiased, insightful, and well-rounded opinion. Then identified its strengths and weaknesses, then educated me how to improve on both. It helped take my writing to a new level. Great work.”

Robert Blalack, Producer (Visual Effects Oscar winner, Star Wars, 1977)

“It’s true movies are not made, but willed into existence. The passion and energy it takes to run the gauntlet of producing a film will only be sustained if the script is uniquely compelling. Too many grubby hands will touch your baby, hands eager to say No. How do you make sure the script is at the rarified level of irresistible Yes? After you’ve sweated blood and tears to take it as far as you can, you want a reader and story analyst who shares your passion for film story, but who delivers objectivity in detail, clearly communicating where your script is and is not working. Analytic feedback like that is invaluable. Script-Fix delivers it time after time, professionally.”

Miles Bari, Screenwriter

“I was hoping I would get coverage that was helpful. You exceeded my expectations by giving me an overview and very specific recommendations that will greatly enhance my script. I couldn’t give a higher recommendation.”

John Plante, Screenwriter

“David, I am flabbergasted that you were able to return such incredible notes in such a short period. Wow, you are very good at what you do. Thank you so very much! I will start my rewrite using my great enthusiasm and your sound advice, and likely contact you when it’s time for a second look.”

Maria Washington, Writer

“As a new writer I appreciate your honesty in appraising my screenplay and talent in the frank way that you did. I think I can now only improve.”

Gavin Stanton, Writer

“You gave me clear cut advice presented in a no-nonsense fashion. I’m glad I used your service. See you in the future..”

CL, FranceWriter

“David and the team at Script-Fix. I would just like to say that although I found my notes ‘harsh’ at first, if it wasn’t for you I’d never have taken the decision to do a page one rewrite on my script. If you’d been ‘nice’ I would’ve just continued to ignore the major problems with it. As it turns out your kick up the pants has meant I’ve got some very nice opportunities coming my way… Thank you again and if I’m brave enough you’ll be seeing a new script from me soon!”

Andi McCormack, Writer, New York

“I’d like to drop you a note to say I was very pleased with your honest (brutal) approach. I’ll now move on to a new project.”

William Tyback, Screenwriter, San Jose

“These are without a doubt, the most brilliant coverage notes I’ve ever received.  My urgent request for coverage was answered.  I had my notes in TWO DAYS.  Most importantly, my objective has been achieved. A most gracious thanks to Script-Fix and its talented staff.”

John Moskowitz, Writer, Brooklyn

“The coverage was extraordinarily helpful and your price can’t be beat. I will definitely be using your services again. Thanks.”

WH Clarke, Writer

“Script fix gives insightful, helpful feedback to build a better screenplay. There are half a dozen other services that do a $75 critique, and I tried them all (several times). Script-Fix is the best by any measure.”

Cliff Roberts, Screenwriter, LA

“A great service. Helped me immeasurably – like having a manager or agent available to bounce ideas off and keep me on track.”

JS, Screenwriter, Burbank

“Dear script-fix team: I want to thank you for the in-depth analysis of my script. Your very honest approach to giving notes allowed me to re-work the structure and improve the story. I have recently signed with an agency and this script opened doors for me.”