Studio Coverage – $100

Studio coverage is what all production companies and major studios use to gauge the potential of a screenplay. When a new script comes in, studios will have someone read it and write out a summary of the story. Then the person will comment on the script’s structure, characters, concept, style, and story before giving it a grade of pass, consider, or recommend. The point of studio coverage is to provide the higher-ups a summarization of the story and a brief run down of what aspects of the film work and which do not. Script-Fix will will provide studio coverage for you so you know what an executive would see if your script was sent to his or her company.

Coverage – $125

Three pages of screenplay analysis covering the strengths and weaknesses of the concept, story, structure, characterization, and conflict. Comments also cover the story’s overall effectiveness from dramatic, comedic, and emotionally involving standpoints. A great first look appraisal to see how your script stands up. Objective and impartial commentary.

Analysis – $175

Five pages of in-depth screenplay analysis of concept, story, structure, characterization, and dialogue. Including a character breakdown, discussion of story strengths and weaknesses and suggestions for improvement of your screenplay. Allows you to assess in detail the direction of your script and how it’s working.

Detailed – $280

Ten pages of notes on story, structure, characterization and dialogue including line-by-line screenplay analysis – where necessary – tackling story issues and logic, continuity, inconsistencies, dialogue and action. Also includes useful story suggestions to improve all elements of your screenplay. Comments also cover the concept and how to exploit it to its full potential. Special consideration is given to the ‘hook,’ discussing its effectiveness and how to develop and improve it. This is deep analysis that is an essential tool in your arsenal when developing an early draft or reworking deep issues in your script.

Extensive – $500

This service provides a comprehensive screenplay appraisal from two readers on two drafts covering concept, structure, character, story, dialogue, etc. After the first set of notes the writer works on the new draft and re-submits back to each reader for their follow-up notes. Each reader works independently to offer suggestions for improvement – so the notes are completely impartial and objective. This means four sets of notes and two separate opinions. No time limit applies as to when the second draft need be submitted. A great service to challenge the writer to go deep into the script and assess varying viewpoints.

TV Pilot – $125

As per basic screenplay coverage, three pages of notes, but as it applies to the specific needs of a TV pilot – act breaks, plot, story, characters. Also available are TV Analysis – five pages of notes, $175,  and TV Detailed, $280 – ten pages of notes, both for more in-depth coverage.

Outline / Treatment – $125

Get coverage notes on your outline or treatment at this vital stage of the writing process — to make sure your fundamentals are strong, and that the ship is sailing in the right direction.

Proofread – $75

A comprehensive check for your screenplay or script to make sure it contains no grammatical or spelling errors, typos, or formatting problems. Make sure your script is as good as it can be before you send it into the marketplace.

Extensive Proofread – $200

A service for those who need to fix major proofing problems: bad translation job, wonky format, or for foreign writers for whom English is a second language.

Short Film Scripts – $30

Critical appraisal of your short film script including evaluation of concept, structure, effectiveness, strengths and weaknesses.

Studio Coverage – $75 (as described in ‘Coverage Services’)

Discounted pricing for purchasing multiple coverage:

Bulk 5 – $450
Bulk 10 – $800

Overnight or 3-day express for any service is available.

Logline – $35

We will read your script from start to finish and construct two loglines that describe your screenplay.

Synopsis – $45

We will write a one-and-a-half page synopsis of your story.

“Dramatic” Synopsis – $85

We will write a one-and-a-half page DRAMATIC synopsis of your story designed for financiers and/or investors..

Query Letter – $45

Road test your query letter before you send it out – you only get one chance to impress, don’t waste a contact on a query that lacks punch. We’ll help you craft the best letter we can, to give you the best opportunity to get your screenplay requested.

Development – $1600

This service provides unlimited 1-year screenplay support from the founder of script-fix to aid the writer in developing their screenplay through multiple drafts. Whether starting a new project from its conceptualization stage, or working from a first draft, this ‘mentor’ service is both comprehensive and rewarding for the dedicated screenwriter. This service includes discussion of changes over instant messenger, E-mail support with full back up, and supplemental notes. There is no limit to the amount of notes the client receives.

Screenplay Polish – $2500

This service provides overall screenplay improvement of all aspects of the screenplay. From re-writing action and dialogue to adding or removing scenes and/or sequences. This service includes discussion of changes over instant messenger, E-mail support with full back up, and supplemental notes.

Dialogue Polish – $1200

This service provides a comprehensive screenplay overhaul to sharpen and improve the dialogue; eradicating inconsistencies of speech and dialect, while creating more unique speech patterns and vocal idiosyncrasies to make the characters richer, more distinct, and dynamic. Also, redundant, unnecessary and expositional dialogue will be cut.

Overnight – $60

Fast next day service for your coverage or service.

Express 3-day – $30

Get your coverage or service within 3 days.