Completion & Collection

All coverage & notes are sent in pdf form and will be completed within 10 business days of receipt of submitted materials (screenplays, outlines, pilots, etc) unless an express service is requested. If there should be any delay in delivery we shall inform you promptly by email. When your coverage is ready you will receive a notification email containing a download link to access your notes – registered users may download from the client area. In certain cases notes will be sent directly to your email.

What is coverage? 

Coverage is a reader’s report which breaks down all aspects of your screenplay from characterization, dialogue, structure, story and concept and goes on to comment on the effectiveness of those elements. A lot of script coverage services offer ‘industry coverage’ which is similar to that provided for a studio or agency to evaluate a screenplay. Typically that includes a logline, 1-2 page synopsis, character descriptions, and a page of notes evaluating the script’s potential. For writers, we at script-fix prefer that your notes are entirely geared toward development of the script, and we pride ourselves on working with you in development; making suggestions for improvement, finding solutions to story problems, being your soundboard.

All screenplays go through a development process before making it to the screen – and often before becoming saleable material. We’re your development partner!

Standard ‘studio coverage’ is available for those wanting an industry-style report of their screenplay.

Why do I need coverage?

Having coverage will allow you to see your script in an objective light. It will pinpoint inconsistencies, weaknesses, and deficiencies in major story elements. It will also highlight the inherent strengths in your concept, structure, story, or characters. Overall you’ll get a blueprint of the state of your screenplay, giving you the tools to attack a fresh draft with confidence and direction. As they say, screenwriting is re-writing – and having a partner like Script-Fix will help you refine your vision, enabling you to bring the best out of your your ideas and stories.

Coverage is given in an unbiased way where the material is judged on its merits alone. The aim being that you, the writer, will improve your screenplay by utilizing the coverage to aid you in developing your work. All level of writer, whether beginner or seasoned Hollywood scribe, can benefit from incisive coverage. In fact, it’s standard industry practice for the writer to get notes, whether from their manager, agent or producer throughout the script development process.

Can I submit short film scripts, TV pilot, outline or treatment, a synopsis, or a manuscript?

Yes. Check out our shopping cart as we offer many of these services already. If you don’t see what you want drop us a line and we can work something out.

What is the ‘Hollywood’ Service?

The Hollywood service – free when checking out – just sign up – is our way of connecting producers to our qualified writing clients.

How to qualify: your script must receive a ‘consider’ or ‘recommendation’ grade on your coverage.

Should I register my script before sending it?

We recommend you copyright your script before submission to us or anybody else. You can do this online at The Library of Congress. You may also wish to register with the Writers Guild of America.

Can I request a specific reader?

Yes you can, but kindly note that we can’t always guarantee a ‘requested’ reader for express services, in the event that the reader of your choice is not available for an express service we reserve the right to use an alternative reader.

Materials Submission

We accept both electronic and hard copy (paper) versions of your materials.

During the payment process you will be asked to upload your screenplay to our server. If you miss the opportunity an automatic email is sent to request your screenplay. Registered users can log-in to upload directly to their client area.

When choosing to make a hard copy submission you will be provided with a mailing address.

We accept your materials in the following software formats: Final Draft (FDR + FDX), Word Doc., PDF, TXT, Celtx and Movie Magic.

Screenplays can also be sent to i@script-fix.com should you not be able to upload.

Why should I choose Script-Fix?

Script-Fix uses competent, screenplay-literate readers who have a keen story sense across many genres. Our readers have the highest pedigree in terms of their professional experience – many working with A-list producers and production houses in Hollywood. Script-Fix offers solid coverage and story notes at the most affordable rate with a fast turnaround.

Who are Script-Fix?

Script-Fix is bi-coastal with staff in both New York and LA. We employ passionate seasoned readers who provide script coverage and story development notes to new writers and professionals, film and TV entertainment companies, screenwriters, producers and directors.

How soon can I expect my coverage notes?

Within 10 days (average is 7). 3 days if you use the ‘express’ service, or next day with the ‘overnight service.’

Do you accept international submissions?

Yes, as long as the script is written in English we’ll cover it. We do offer an ‘extensive proofread’ for writers whose first language is not English or for scripts in need of major formatting or grammatical corrections.

How can I pay?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, and check. Payments in foreign currencies are automatically converted into US Dollars. All payments and financial information are encrypted and secured using SSL protection.

What is the purpose of the release form?

The release form (industry standard) is your permission for us to evaluate your work. It is not in any way a claim upon your work and does not impact your work or rights as author of the the material. Without your agreement to the release we are unable to review your work. Kindly note that all work submitted to script-fix is kept strictly confidential by us and our readers and at no time will copies of your work be kept or distributed to any third parties..

View the submission / release form / privacy policy.