Dear Screenwriter, we provide script coverage and story development notes to the entertainment industry. Whether you’re a new writer or seasoned professional  – we can help you develop your screenplay by offering an informed, enthusiastic and critical voice to guide you through the travails of the development road.

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 Are you a creative or financier in need of coverage and story notes that don’t simply ‘appraise and grade,’ but deliver creative solutions – on a consistent basis, and in short order? We’ll provide an objective and impartial voice when you need it. We’re ready willing and able to deliver quality, incisive coverage notes with no fuss.

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We pride ourselves on establishing strong professional relationships with our clients, offering the necessary creative council to both writers and producers. Adaptable, reliable, and valuable, our objective is to serve as a productive partner in your creative endeavors.

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“I have been using script-fix for several years now and am consistently impressed with their excellent coverage and helpful notes. Keep up the good work!” Chris Coen, Producer of Funny Games, Shadow Dancer, A Single Shot, Deepwater.


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Our readers are on the frontline! Advice on story, structure, characterization, pitching, themes, dos and don’ts, what works and what doesn’t – we’re here to offer you the best of what we know!

Script Coverage

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