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We love working with writers of all levels as they develop and execute their creative vision through the screenplay medium. Aside from screenplay coverage and script development notes, we regularly provide re-writing services, editing and proofing, short film story notes and, most crucially, outline & treatment development.

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We’ve worked with dozens of producers over the years in many capacities; helping them to evaluate new material with industry-style script coverage; providing story notes on multiple screenplay drafts over the course of several years; evaluating novels, musicals and foreign films for adaptation; providing synopsis, treatment, and bible material for financiers and studios.

Articles & Advice

Everybody Comes to Casablanca
From play to screenplay, an historical perspective.
by DB

Casablanca is one of those films that everyone feels like they know. The many famous lines from it are part of the American lexicon. “Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.” But for many reasons, the source material, a play called Everybody Comes to Rick’s, has gone largely unrecognized and unappreciated.


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Services include Coverage – industry or in-depth, Outlines, Treatments, TV Pilots, Proofreads, Short Film Coverage, Polishing, Rewriting, Query Letters, Synopsis Writing, Logline Construction.

Coverage Samples


Check out several of our coverage reports!

TITLE: Meltdown AUTHOR: John Carpenter (unproduced)
FORM/PAGES: Screenplay / 118 pp
GENRE: Disaster/Horror
CIRCA: 1951/1980

The script is masterfully written in many ways and a complete joy to read. The dramatic premise is intriguing. The characters, though certainly on the thin side, are sympathetic and real, and the dialogue created to express their points of view is effective throughout. The visuals, the action, the topography of the space… all are exceptionally well crafted.

The script is also very much a product of its time. While the Fukushima partial meltdown of 2+ years ago is still creating a sort of rolling disaster, it can’t be said that there is actually a great deal of public American fear, suspicion, anger, or even upset at the issue of nuclear power itself. While this script does present an interesting plot in and of itself, it’s undeniably a political polemic against nuclear power and against technology in general. It’s difficult to fully gauge how this subject matter would land in the


Our Reviews

Tyler Jackson

Tyler Jackson, Director of Development & Production – Unified Pictures

“I rely on Script-Fix to give me unbiased and thoughtful insight into scripts we are considering. Their readers have valuable ideas and often provide the “tough but fair” assessment that is so essential to the development process.

Chris Coen

Chris Coen, Producer: Funny Games, Shadow Dancer, A Single Shot

“I have been using script-fix for several years now and am consistently impressed with their excellent coverage and helpful notes. Keep up the good work!”

Maria Washington

Maria Washington, Writer

“As a new writer I appreciate your honesty in appraising my screenplay and talent in the frank way that you did. I think I can now only improve.”

Josh Moskowitz

John Moskowitz, Writer, Brooklyn

“The coverage was extraordinarily helpful and your price can’t be beat. I will definitely be using your services again. Thanks.”


Robert Blalack, Producer (Visual Effects Oscar winner, Star Wars, 1977)

“It’s true movies are not made, but willed into existence. The passion and energy it takes to run the gauntlet of producing a film will only be sustained if the script is uniquely compelling. Too many grubby hands will touch your baby, hands eager to say No. How do you make sure the script is at the rarified level of irresistible Yes? After you’ve sweated blood and tears to take it as far as you can, you want a reader and story analyst who shares your passion for film story, but who delivers objectivity in detail, clearly communicating where your script is and is not working. Analytic feedback like that is invaluable. Script-Fix delivers it time after time, professionally.”

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Why get Script Coverage?

One of the things that makes writing stories for film different than writing for publication is that film, by nature, is a collaborative process. What a screenwriter has written and how they’ve written it is only valuable to the degree that other people can use that script as a tool in the in the pursuit of their own creative and professional goals. Whether a writer is established and accustomed to collaboration, or whether that writer is struggling to break out, coverage is a writer or a producer’s first window into how a script connects with the other people who bring great cinema to life.

Seeking and integrating regular feedback from sources that reflect the needs and perspectives of our production community is how screenwriters develop the habits that make them efficient and effective collaborators. Writing in a vacuum will certainly advance a writer’s command of language, but it does nothing to develop screenwriters as actors, directors, production designers or even as producers… and great screenwriters are all of these things and more. Keeping the needs of our collaborators in focus makes us accountable to the fundamentals of dramatic structure, it puts our egos in check, and it helps us develop our craft in ways that actively serve the community.

Great films are made by families of people who believe in one another and who believe in the production. Earning that trust comes down to making sure a screenplay really does serve the needs of other people, both in the production community and in the audience… and understanding the needs of others begins with listening. Good coverage comes from people who have experience worth listening to, who care about the success of a production, and who seek to make the film community stronger.

When a screenwriter has a coverage source they can trust, getting that feedback as often as possible will help steer their projects and their writing habits in a direction that serves the success and the betterment of the film community as a whole. Successful careers come from successful collaborations. Great coverage empowers a writer or producer to engage that collaborative process as early and as often as possible.

Studio Coverage – $100

Studio coverage is what all production companies and major studios use to gauge the potential of a screenplay. When a new script comes in, studios will have someone read it and write out a summary of the story. Then the person will comment on the script’s structure, characters, concept, style, and story before giving it a grade of pass, consider, or recommend. The point of studio coverage is to provide the higher-ups a summarization of the story and a brief run down of what aspects of the film work and which do not. Script-Fix will will provide studio coverage for you so you know what an executive would see if your script was sent to his or her company.

Coverage – $125

Three pages of screenplay analysis covering the strengths and weaknesses of the concept, story, structure, characterization, and conflict. Comments also cover the story’s overall effectiveness from dramatic, comedic, and emotionally involving standpoints. A great first look appraisal to see how your script stands up. Objective and impartial commentary.

Analysis – $175

Five pages of in-depth screenplay analysis of concept, story, structure, characterization, and dialogue. Including a character breakdown, discussion of story strengths and weaknesses and suggestions for improvement of your screenplay. Allows you to assess in detail the direction of your script and how it’s working.

Detailed – $280

Ten pages of notes on story, structure, characterization and dialogue including line-by-line screenplay analysis – where necessary – tackling story issues and logic, continuity, inconsistencies, dialogue and action. Also includes useful story suggestions to improve all elements of your screenplay. Comments also cover the concept and how to exploit it to its full potential. Special consideration is given to the ‘hook,’ discussing its effectiveness and how to develop and improve it. This is deep analysis that is an essential tool in your arsenal when developing an early draft or reworking deep issues in your script.

Extensive – $500

This service provides a comprehensive screenplay appraisal from two readers on two drafts covering concept, structure, character, story, dialogue, etc. After the first set of notes the writer works on the new draft and re-submits back to each reader for their follow-up notes. Each reader works independently to offer suggestions for improvement – so the notes are completely impartial and objective. This means four sets of notes and two separate opinions. No time limit applies as to when the second draft need be submitted. A great service to challenge the writer to go deep into the script and assess varying viewpoints.

TV Pilot – $125

As per basic screenplay coverage, three pages of notes, but as it applies to the specific needs of a TV pilot – act breaks, plot, story, characters. Also available are TV Analysis – five pages of notes, $175,  and TV Detailed, $280 – ten pages of notes, both for more in-depth coverage.

Outline / Treatment – $125

Get coverage notes on your outline or treatment at this vital stage of the writing process — to make sure your fundamentals are strong, and that the ship is sailing in the right direction.

Proofread – $75

A comprehensive check for your screenplay or script to make sure it contains no grammatical or spelling errors, typos, or formatting problems. Make sure your script is as good as it can be before you send it into the marketplace.

Extensive Proofread – $200

A service for those who need to fix major proofing problems: bad translation job, wonky format, or for foreign writers for whom English is a second language.

Short Film Scripts – $30

Critical appraisal of your short film script including evaluation of concept, structure, effectiveness, strengths and weaknesses.

Studio Coverage – $75 (as described in ‘Coverage Services’)

Discounted pricing for purchasing multiple coverage:

Bulk 5 – $450
Bulk 10 – $800

Overnight or 3-day express for any service is available.

Logline – $35

We will read your script from start to finish and construct two loglines that describe your screenplay.

Synopsis – $45

We will write a one-and-a-half page synopsis of your story.

Query Letter – $45

Road test your query letter before you send it out – you only get one chance to impress, don’t waste a contact on a query that lacks punch. We’ll help you craft the best letter we can, to give you the best opportunity to get your screenplay requested.

Development – $1600

This service provides unlimited 1-year screenplay support from the founder of script-fix to aid the writer in developing their screenplay through multiple drafts. Whether starting a new project from its conceptualization stage, or working from a first draft, this ‘mentor’ service is both comprehensive and rewarding for the dedicated screenwriter. This service includes discussion of changes over instant messenger, E-mail support with full back up, and supplemental notes. There is no limit to the amount of notes the client receives.

Screenplay Polish – $2500

This service provides overall screenplay improvement of all aspects of the screenplay. From re-writing action and dialogue to adding or removing scenes and/or sequences. This service includes discussion of changes over instant messenger, E-mail support with full back up, and supplemental notes.

Dialogue Polish – $1200

This service provides a comprehensive screenplay overhaul to sharpen and improve the dialogue; eradicating inconsistencies of speech and dialect, while creating more unique speech patterns and vocal idiosyncrasies to make the characters richer, more distinct, and dynamic. Also, redundant, unnecessary and expositional dialogue will be cut.

Overnight – $60

Fast next day service for your coverage or service.

Express 3-day – $30

Get your coverage or service within 3 days.



Completion & Collection

All coverage & professional notes are made available to you in pdf form. They will be

completed within 10 business days of our receipt of submitted materials (screenplays,

outlines, pilots, etc) unless an express service is requested. If there will be any delay in

delivery we will inform you promptly by email. When your professional coverage is ready

you will receive a notification email with a download link to access your coverage and

notes. Registered users may download from the client area. In certain cases coverage,

notes and all other material ordered will be sent directly to your email.

What is script coverage?

Script coverage is a professional reader’s report which breaks down a script and makes

actionable comments on all aspects of your submitted materials. Characterization and

character development, dialogue, structure, story and underlying concept are

professionally described and analyzed. The report we send you includes actionable

comments on the effectiveness of those elements. Other script coverage services offer

‘industry coverage’ which is similar to an internal report for a studio or agency and is

used for a speedy evaluation of a screenplay. Typically that includes a logline, 1-2 page

synopsis, character descriptions, and a page of notes evaluating the script’s potential as

it stands. For the writers we work with, we prefer that your notes are entirely geared

toward industry-grade development of the script, not merely the expression of a quick

‘yes’ or ‘no.’ We generate and deliver useful, practical suggestions for improvement

through rewrites that may address character development, underlying story elements,

structural improvements and any other matter that we think pushes your script toward

the most competitive version possible.

All screenplays have to convince a series of ‘gatekeepers’ who work with variable levels

of professional insight. With script-fix, we give you every possible chance to improve

your script to its highest level of professional expression before anyone in any capacity

has the chance to knock you out of the system. Our aim is to show what we think your

script can accomplish no matter who reads it.

If you want to see how the process begins, standard ‘studio coverage’ is available for

those who want an industry-style report of their screenplay. This kind of coverage

delivers actionable insights and can be a guide for your further work and rewrite

decisions. It also gives you a comparison tool to use to assess the usefulness and

professional quality of future versions of notes wherever you get them.

Why do I need script coverage?

Professional coverage will show your script in an objective light, much the way someone

else would see it for the first time. It is meant to challenge the writer’s own satisfactions

while opening up previously unseen possibilities. Coverage from script-fix may describe

to you inconsistencies in your story, weaknesses in your characters and the way they

interact, or any other deficiencies in major story elements but more importantly, unlike a

high-speed evaluation aimed at a yes/no decision, our professional coverage will

highlight the inherent strengths in your concept, structure, story, or characters. When

you consider every part of the coverage, the strengths and the weaknesses, you end up

with a professional blueprint of the current state of your screenplay, not merely a

one-shot rundown of what you’ve got so far. This approach is meant to give you the

tools to attack a fresh draft with heightened confidence and a renewed sense of


As they say, screenwriting is re-writing. If you want to have a career as a professional

screenwriter, you have to open up your entire screenwriting process to the input of

professional writers who are here to challenge you. You might have the foundations of a

great screenplay but your work becomes genuinely competitive after a professional

screenwriter has pointed out the flaws in the structure, suggested some provocative

human and humane characteristics for you to consider, challenged your characters to

face up to some of the worst challenges for their personal lives and then pushed you to

polish the entire presentation into an exciting presentation that no one up and down the

entire line of gatekeepers could possibly miss as hot! Having a partner like script-fix will

help you refine your vision and thereby enable you to bring to the page the most

compelling version of your ideas, characters and stories. If you want to be a

professional screenwriter, we’ll tell you what we think about your submissions and what

we think your options are for the next draft.

Script coverage is given in an unbiased way where the material is judged on its merits alone,

the aim being that you, the writer, will improve your screenplay by use of the coverage

to aid you in developing your work. All levels of writer, from aspirational beginner to

seasoned Hollywood scribe, can benefit from incisive coverage. In fact, creative

participation in the process of notes and rewrites is standard industry practice for the

writer. The more skill and competence you bring to the process, the better you can use

notes from a manager, agent or producer throughout the script development process.

Can I submit short film scripts, TV pilot, outline or treatment, a synopsis, or a


Yes. Check out our shopping cart to see the specific services we offer already. If you

don’t see what you want drop us a line and we can work something out.

What is the ‘Hollywood’ Service?

The Hollywood service – free when checking out – just sign up – is our way of

connecting producers to our qualified writing clients. To qualify for this service, your script must receive a ‘consider’ or ‘recommendation’ from the professional reader who reads and reports on your script.

Should I register my script before sending it?

We recommend you copyright your script before submission to us or anybody else. You

can do this online at The Library of Congress. You may also wish to register with the

Writers Guild of America.

Can I request a specific reader?

Yes you can, and the advantage is that repeat readers can sometimes refer to previous

notes they’ve already generated for your script but kindly note that we can’t always

guarantee a ‘requested’ reader for express services. In the event that the reader of your

choice is not available for an express service we reserve the right to use an alternative


Materials Submission

We accept both electronic and hard copy (paper) versions of your materials.

During the payment process you will be asked to upload your screenplay to our server.

If you miss the opportunity an automatic email is sent to request your screenplay.

Registered users can log-in to upload directly to their client area.

When choosing to make a hard copy submission you will be provided with a mailing


We accept your materials in the following software formats: Final Draft (FDR + FDX),

Word Doc., PDF, TXT, Celtx and Movie Magic. Screenplays can also be sent to i@script-fix.com should you not be able to upload.

Why should I choose Script-Fix?

script-fix uses dedicated and demanding readers who know both screenplay form and

function inside out. Our readers have proved to us and to our clients that they have a

keen story sense across many genres. Our readers have the highest pedigree in terms

of their professional experience, many working with A-list producers and production

houses in Hollywood. This keeps them directly connected to some of the fastest moving

demands in the industry. When they work for script-fix, they know they are reaching the

next wave of professional screenwriters and so offer the same kind of solid coverage

and story notes that bring about some of the most exciting and successful movies being

made today. And their notes and comments come to you at the most affordable rate with

a fast turnaround.

Who is script-fix? Although we work on a confidential basis and so we don’t give out the names of our writing staff, we think it’s important to let people know that script-fix is a bi-coastal operation with staff in both New York and LA. We seek out and employ passionate, dedicated, seasoned readers who regularly provide script coverage and story development notes to new writers and professionals, film and TV entertainment companies, screenwriters, producers and directors.

How soon can I expect my coverage notes?

You can expect your notes within 10 days (average is 7) but if you use the express

service, the turnaround is 3 days or you can see your coverage next day with the

‘overnight service.’

Do you accept international submissions?

We accept submissions from writers from all over the world. As long as the script is

written in English we’ll cover it. It should be noted that we do offer an ‘extensive

proofread’ for writers whose first language is not English or for scripts in need of major

formatting or grammatical corrections.

How can I pay?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, and check. Payments in foreign

currencies are automatically converted into US Dollars. All payments and financial

information are encrypted and secured using SSL protection.

What is the purpose of the release form?

The release form (industry standard) is your permission for us to evaluate your work. It

is not in any way a claim upon your work and does not impact your work or rights as

author of the material. Without your agreement to the release we are unable to review

your work. Kindly note that all work submitted to script-fix is kept strictly confidential by

us and our readers and at no time will copies of your work be stored here or distributed to any third parties.